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7 mistakes in presentation videos

How to make your presentation video?

When I subscribed to the Au Pair program they told me that it was necessary to make a presentation video… one that was pretty enough and stuff to make families be interested in me.

AND HOW DO I DO IT??? OK, I said… it must not be so hard, I thought, the first thing I need is an example to copy and improve… or try to copy decently… or at least know what to say more or less, then I started to look at thousands of thousands of presentation videos, there were ones that were very good and others… well… they had good quality (you have to see the positive side).

By analyzing all of these presentations I had to specify the mistakes that the other boys and girls Au Pair to be have had… and defiantly I COULD NOT let my video have the same mistakes, I imagine that you don’t want that to happened either, so I share them to you:

1.    Speak loud and clear

There were some girls that for having a SUPER WOW background forgot that the objective of the video is to COMMUNICATE, seriously! They looked like dolls moving the lips and saying “ajshdjdehenbdiewn”:D “jijiji ewulgefndcluewn” ;) “alalalalalala Au Pair” :) .

Now that if you edit the video, this happens to you and you DON’T want to SACRIFICE your BACKGROUND, try to make “off voice” like Jaime Lee Jo, she handles it in a VERY good way, check her video.

2.    Make a script

Before you go into the adventure of making your video, you have to know what you are going to say! Cause if you don’t it is going to cost you a lot to make it all up from your mind, at least that happened to me… I wanted to start talking and at the end of a sentence I didn’t know what else to say! :'( , so don’t complicate it and write before you speak.

3.    Talk about positive things

Remember that you are asking for a JOB! In some way you have to sell your image, if you look unsure it is going to be harder to be taken seriously and this applies to interviews as well.

So heighten your abilities and your virtues, for example:

If you don’t know how to help kids with homeworks, say something like “and I also make very good drawings” I mean… something that justifies… (I used that example) (Not true :B).

4.   Talk only about what you have to talk

Don’t you get verbal diarrhea! DON’T you say ANYTHING that you don’t have to say; the video is only to introduce yourself, not to talk about every detail of your life.

5.   Be authentic, avoid acting or exaggerating

You can TOTALLY NOTICE when someone is acting and seriously! You feel other people’s pain when an Au Pair to be makes a video of kids making like they love her and they play like SO (not) happy, ¡don’t you dare!

6.  If you don’t know how to make videos, ask someone to help you

If you are not an expert on edition it’s OK, you don’t have to be, but not because of that you are going to let your video be all over the place. Ask somebody that do knows to help you so your video comes pretty pretty :3 . 

7.    Ask somebody to review your video

Ones you end up your video, you’ll probably see it perfect because of all the effort it evolves… it won’t hurt anybody if someone reviews your work… just by the case you have to do any change, I know, I know! At this point you don’t want to change a thing, but it will be better to make it perfect and give a good impression.

I’ll let you see my video so you notice that I copied the other girls in a very subtle and decent way haha. Did you already make your video? Tell me if you failed at some point, see you later ;).

Amelia :)

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