jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

3 Ideas DIY for father’s day

We are missing very little to have father’s day in the United States; I am sincerely a good Mexican (I leave everything to the last) and I haven’t started anything, if it happens to you the same as me don't waste more time, talk to your Host Kids and let’s begin! Here I have 3 easy ideas for DIY details.

1.-  Memories camera

This is pretty easy, you can do it if your kids are small; let them help you with the stickers.

You are going to need:

  • ·      ¼ of a black cardboard
  • ·      1 picture
  • ·      1 white pencil
  • ·      Little stickers to decorate the camera


Cut along cardboard 2 strips of 1 centimeter, 2 of 7 mm and 2 of 5 mm.
Cut the shape of a camera with what is left of the cardboard.
With the white pencil write on the back of the camera a message for father.
By the front write the brand of the camera and the model.
Cut the photo you chose in the circular form and paste it into the central part of the camera.
Sticks around the photo the strips of cardboard (the smallest in the middle and the largest outside).

AND READY! J You already got your gift.

2.- I love you “this much”

This gift is so cute, defiantly you can include small children, and it is extremely easy.

You are going to need:

  • ·      ¼ of any color cardboard (if it is possible, masculine colors)
  • ·      1 white cardboard
  • ·      Color markers
  • ·      Stickers to decorate


Trace the hands of your Host Kid in the small cardboard and cut them out.

Cut a strip of 10 centimeters along the cardboard and bend each 5 centimeters.
Stick the edges of the strip in the hands of paper half.
Write in the hands of paper "I love you".
Write on the paper strip "This much" end decorating with stickers.

¡Gift completed!

3.- 6 pictures un cubes

I love this other one, it has much style.

You are going to need:

  • ·      Six photographs or drawings of 16 x 20 "
  • ·      Twenty blocks of wood 4 x 4" (you can get them in carpentry workshops)
  • ·      Adhesive spray
  • ·      Sealer spray
  • ·      Rule
  • ·      Pencil
  • ·      Cutter


USA ruler and pencil to mark pictures of 4 inches in the back of each image, use the cutter to cut images (going to use 1 cut for each cube)
Spray adhesive on the back of the images and paste them into cubes, pushing cuts to eliminate air bubbles. Repeat the process with each image and cube.
Seal the cubs with matte sealer spray. 

Is okay to decorate more, there is no limit to creativity! 

Do you already know that you're going to give away? What idea did you like more? 

See you soon ;) 



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